Makes your book more readable.

Copyediting deals with larger language issues in addition to the basic errors that a proofread covers. It also ensures that the formatting of words, paragraphs, and pages meet the standards set by publishing authorities in the country where your book will appear. Much like proofreading, copyediting focuses on correctness, but it can enhance your book’s readability in a way that proofreading can’t.

A full copyedit takes about one week, depending on the size of the book. Each copyedit includes a style sheet and a file cleanup. A style sheet helps subsequent proofreaders or book designers keep things consistent when working on your book. The file cleanup takes place after you have responded to all suggested changes and queries.

In my work as an author, editor, and ghostwriter, I’ve written twenty-six manuscripts, and each one of them went through a rigorous copyediting process. I don’t always get to choose my editor, but when I do, I choose Will Tyler. His work is brutally accurate, allowing me, my authors, and my publishers to publish with confidence.
— Susan Joy Paul, author of several Colorado guidebooks and scribe for Scribe Media

Average Copyediting Cost

for a Short Story Collection

120 to 160 pages

30,000 to 40,000 words

$600 to $800

Average Copyediting Cost

for a Novel or Memoir

200 to 300 pages

50,000 to 75,000 words

$1,000 to $1,500