Makes sure your book is error-free.

While proofreading is usually the last stage of publishing, it might be all your book needs. A proofread looks for obvious errors that must be fixed: punctuation problems, confusing grammar, and misspellings. Some light copyediting might be necessary as well to tidy up minor language issues, but this would be kept to a minimum. Ideally, proofreading is done after copyediting, but you might decide to skip that step altogether. Whatever the case, a proofread makes sure all the basics are covered and that your book is error-free before heading out into the world.

A full proofread takes about one week, depending on the size of the book. Each proofread includes a file cleanup once you have reviewed suggested changes and responded to any queries.

I appreciate Will Tyler’s respect for the individual author’s voice and style. When editing our works of fiction, he doesn’t waste time in correcting the intentions of the author, but does pick up on style and applies consistency with a careful hand.
— Susan Hill Newton, managing editor, University of Iowa Press

Average Proofreading Cost

for a Short Story Collection

120 to 160 pages

30,000 to 40,000 words

$300 to $400

Average Proofreading Cost

for a Novel or Memoir

200 to 300 pages

50,000 to 75,000 words

$500 to $750