Editing Services


Editorial Assessment

$3 / page

If you’ve got something resembling a book, but you aren’t sure what step to take next, an assessment can help lead you in the right direction. You’ll receive detailed notes about what parts of your manuscript are great and which ones need the most work, including suggestions for rewrites. This might include minor character work, or you might want to rethink an entire restructuring of the plot. I’ll provide detailed suggestions in the form of a letter for what steps you can take with your book and whether you should seek out a developmental editor or move on to copyediting.

Developmental Editing

$5-6 / page

Rewriting your book or condensing it to a more readable length can be a challenge on your own. A developmental edit might entail working with comments or an outline to guide your own revisions, or I can use a heavier hand when moving things around or making dialogue sing. We’ll work together to get the content of your book where you want it to be.




$4-5 / page

Of all the editing terms, this one is the most confusing because it means different things in different industries. For books, copyediting is strictly a mechanical process to eliminate grammatical errors and make your language consistent. I’ll point out any inconsistencies with your characters (say if their hair color or the spelling of their name changes), and I’ll also do some light fact-checking if any terms or place names seem off. Basically, copyediting is the process that makes sure your book reads as smoothly as it can from sentence to sentence and eliminates all errors.


$2-3 / page

Normally, proofreading takes place after the manuscript has been typeset. If you aren’t going the traditional publishing route, this might involve a simple check for errors in the file you’ll be turning into an ebook or posting on your website. Some people mistake this stage for copyediting, but this is the last step, so only glaring errors will be dealt with. I’ll only do a proofread if your manuscript has been through copyediting.


Note: One manuscript page is the equivalent of 250 words double-spaced. For proofreading typeset pages, the word count will differ. And for all projects, if additional work is requested or added beyond the scope of the original estimate, I reserve the right to charge hourly, but I will discuss this with you before moving forward.