Editing Services

For Publishers and Presses

I provide timely copyediting and proofreading services, and because of my experience with academic books and journals, I am an expert with annotated writing. I can edit electronically or by hand, and I would be happy to accept a trial project or take a copyediting test.

For Individuals

The publishing process can be very confusing and intimidating for would-be authors, whether you intend to self-publish or look for an agent or publisher. My first priority is to help you navigate the editorial stages. Once we know where the manuscript is, we can begin to push it toward the next stage. After the initial conception and drafting of a manuscript, the general stages involved are developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, and then proofreading. When seeking an editor, most individual authors fall somewhere between the developmental stages and copyediting.

I specialize in fiction and literature, and I have extensive experience with academic nonfiction in various genres, including works with heavy annotation.

My rates are based on those reported by the Editorial Freelancer’s Association, of which I am an active member, but each project is different and must be negotiated. Once we’ve decided what level of editing you want for the book, we will determine the cost of the project, which I will not exceed (as long as no new work is added to the project).

If you aren’t sure you want to pursue editing, but you would like some thorough ideas about what to do with the stack of pages you’ve been working over, I will carefully read through your manuscript and provide you with a set of notes and recommendations for your developing book.

Sample edits and estimates are provided free of charge. For a sample edit or to discuss possible projects, send an email to will@tylereditorial.com.


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