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Proofreading and book editing for award-winning fiction and literary nonfiction



Whether you’ve got a manuscript for a novel, a collection of short stories, an inspiring memoir, or a series of essays, I can help you shape your writing into a polished book. I work with both book publishers and individual authors at every stage of the publishing process, whether you’ve just written the first draft and need a professional opinion or you have typeset pages that need to be proofread.

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I specialize in fiction, literature, and literary criticism, but I work with publishers in just about every other genre, including business writing, self-help, health and medicine, science, and environmental writing. I also edit both American and British English.

Notable publishing clients include the University of Iowa Press, Scribe Media, Pivot Point International, Routledge, and Cambridge University Press.

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Happy Like This by Ashley Wurzbacher

The Lightning Jar by Christian Felt

The Water Diviner and Other Stories by Ruvanee Pietersz Vilhauer

For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors by Laura Esther Wolfson


Editing Services


Editorial Assessment

$3 / page

If you’ve got something resembling a book, but you aren’t sure what step to take next, an assessment can help lead you in the right direction. You’ll receive detailed notes about what parts of your manuscript are great and which ones need the most work, including suggestions for rewrites. This might include minor character work, or you might want to rethink an entire restructuring of the plot. I’ll provide detailed suggestions in the form of a letter for what steps you can take with your book and whether you should seek out a developmental editor or move on to copyediting.

Developmental Editing

$5-6 / page

Rewriting your book or condensing it to a more readable length can be a challenge on your own. A developmental edit might entail working with comments or an outline to guide your own revisions, or I can use a heavier hand when moving things around or making dialogue sing. We’ll work together to get the content of your book where you want it to be.




$4-5 / page

Of all the editing terms, this one is the most confusing because it means different things in different industries. For books, copyediting is strictly a mechanical process to eliminate grammatical errors and make your language consistent. I’ll point out any inconsistencies with your characters (say if their hair color or the spelling of their name changes), and I’ll also do some light fact-checking if any terms or place names seem off. Basically, copyediting is the process that makes sure your book reads as smoothly as it can from sentence to sentence and eliminates all errors.


$2-3 / page

Normally, proofreading takes place after the manuscript has been typeset. If you aren’t going the traditional publishing route, this might involve a simple check for errors in the file you’ll be turning into an ebook or posting on your website. Some people mistake this stage for copyediting, but this is the last step, so only glaring errors will be dealt with. I’ll only do a proofread if your manuscript has been through copyediting.


Note: One manuscript page is the equivalent of 250 words double-spaced. For proofreading typeset pages, the word count will differ. And for all projects, if additional work is requested or added beyond the scope of the original estimate, I reserve the right to charge hourly, but I will discuss this with you before moving forward.



I appreciate Will Tyler’s respect for the individual author’s voice and style. When editing our works of fiction, he doesn’t waste time in correcting the intentions of the author, but does pick up on style and applies consistency with a careful hand.
— Susan Hill Newton, managing editor, University of Iowa Press
In my work as an author, editor, and ghostwriter, I’ve written twenty-six manuscripts, and each one of them went through a rigorous copyediting process. I don’t always get to choose my editor, but when I do, I choose Will Tyler. His work is brutally accurate, allowing me, my authors, and my publishers to publish with confidence.
— Susan Joy Paul, author of several Colorado guidebooks and scribe for Scribe Media

Will was very professional, quickly and clearly communicated, delivered his edits on time. Most importantly he went above and beyond helping me make my novel the best it can be. I will definitely be contacting Will again for future work!
— Nicholas Licalsi, author of An Echo Through Time
Will did a developmental edit of my short story. He was very professional. His edits were extremely helpful, and they resulted in significant improvements to my manuscript.
— Dennis Canfield, author of Hardly Even Rich

I found Will Tyler an amazing editor. He was pleasant, helpful, and made innovative suggestions. He really has superior computer skills. He brought a lot to the table, and he was nice to work with. He works quickly. He is able to be innovative but nice, and we agreed on most things. I hope to work with him again.
— JoBe Cerny, actor and author of the Taylor Street Files series
Will did a very thorough review and provided excellent feedback and helpful suggestions. He is gentle with his comments and makes many suggestions on how to improve the story. He was a joy to work with and I recommend him highly for editing projects.
— Ken Smith


Please use the form below to discuss your book, story, or essay with me. All interested authors will receive a free sample edit of a few pages of their work and an estimate of the project cost.

Let me know if you prefer communicating by email or phone. For those of you in the Chicago area, I’m also available for face-to-face meetings.

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