Your book deserves an editor.

Your story should be taken seriously, and it should be read by as many people as you can reach.

Whether you have a blockbuster novel, an inspirational memoir, or a collection of short stories, readers won’t give your book much of a chance if the writing is full of mistakes and the language is incomprehensible. If you want your book to stand out among the one million titles published each year, it needs to be copyedited and proofread. And if you aren’t sure if your book is ready for that yet, it might need an editorial assessment or developmental edit.

These services cost a fraction of what you stand to gain in book sales. They won’t guarantee fame and stardom, but your book’s success is doomed without them. The best writers have one thing in common: good editors.

I found Will Tyler an amazing editor. He was pleasant, helpful, and made innovative suggestions. He really has superior computer skills. He brought a lot to the table, and he was nice to work with. He works quickly. He is able to be innovative but nice, and we agreed on most things. I hope to work with him again.
— JoBe Cerny, actor and author of the Taylor Street Files series