I appreciate Will Tyler’s respect for the individual author’s voice and style. When editing our works of fiction, he doesn’t waste time in correcting the intentions of the author, but does pick up on style and applies consistency with a careful hand.
— Susan Hill Newton, managing editor, University of Iowa Press
In my work as an author, editor, and ghostwriter, I’ve written twenty-six manuscripts, and each one of them went through a rigorous copyediting process. I don’t always get to choose my editor, but when I do, I choose Will Tyler. His work is brutally accurate, allowing me, my authors, and my publishers to publish with confidence.
— Susan Joy Paul, author of several Colorado guidebooks and scribe for Scribe Media
Will was very professional, quickly and clearly communicated, delivered his edits on time. Most importantly he went above and beyond helping me make my novel the best it can be. I will definitely be contacting Will again for future work!
— Nicholas Licalsi, author of An Echo Through Time
Will did a developmental edit of my short story. He was very professional. His edits were extremely helpful, and they resulted in significant improvements to my manuscript.
— Dennis Canfield, author of Hardly Even Rich
I found Will Tyler an amazing editor. He was pleasant, helpful, and made innovative suggestions. He really has superior computer skills. He brought a lot to the table, and he was nice to work with. He works quickly. He is able to be innovative but nice, and we agreed on most things. I hope to work with him again.
— JoBe Cerny, actor and author of the Taylor Street Files series
Will did a very thorough review [editorial assessment] and provided excellent feedback and helpful suggestions. He is gentle with his comments and makes many suggestions on how to improve the story. He was a joy to work with and I recommend him highly for editing projects.
— Ken Smith